Spain vs. Germany highlights: Spain moves on to the semifinals after winning in extra time.


In a thrilling quarterfinal match of the UEFA Euro 2024, Spain narrowly defeated Germany 2-1 in Stuttgart on July 5, 2024. This victory propelled Spain into the semifinals, while Germany faced a disappointing exit from the tournament.

Match Overview

The game began with high intensity from both sides, each showcasing their tactical prowess and individual talents. Spain’s early dominance was evident as they controlled possession and created several goal-scoring opportunities. Germany, known for their resilience and counter-attacking capabilities, responded with quick transitions and robust defensive play.

First Half

Spain opened the scoring in the 19th minute when Dani Olmo found the back of the net with a well-placed shot. The Spanish midfield, led by Rodri and Pedri, orchestrated the play, maintaining high pressure and dictating the tempo. Germany struggled to break through Spain’s organized defense, with Antonio Rüdiger and Joshua Kimmich trying to anchor their backline.

Second Half

The second half saw Germany intensify their efforts to equalize. Their persistence paid off in the 55th minute when Florian Wirtz capitalized on a defensive error to level the score. The match grew more intense, with both teams pushing for the decisive goal. Tactical substitutions by both coaches added fresh energy and new dynamics to the game.

Decisive Moment

The crucial moment came in the 79th minute when Spain’s substitute, Mikel Merino, scored a stunning goal, restoring Spain’s lead. Germany’s attempts to claw back were thwarted by Spain’s solid defense and goalkeeper Unai Simón’s crucial saves. Despite Germany’s relentless pressure in the dying minutes, Spain held on to their lead, securing a spot in the semifinals.

Tactical Analysis

Spain’s strategy revolved around controlling possession and exploiting spaces in Germany’s defense. Their high pressing game disrupted Germany’s build-up play, forcing errors and creating opportunities. Germany, on the other hand, relied on quick counter-attacks and set-pieces but struggled to convert their chances into goals.

Key Players

  • Spain: Dani Olmo, Rodri, and Mikel Merino were standout performers. Olmo’s early goal set the tone, while Rodri’s midfield dominance and Merino’s decisive strike highlighted their contributions.
  • Germany: Florian Wirtz was instrumental with his equalizer, and Joshua Kimmich’s leadership in midfield was notable despite the defeat.

Post-Match Reactions

Spain’s coach praised his team’s resilience and tactical discipline, emphasizing the importance of maintaining focus for the upcoming semifinals. Germany’s coach acknowledged the hard-fought battle and expressed disappointment but remained optimistic about the team’s future prospects.

Upcoming Fixtures

Spain will now prepare for their semifinal clash, while the other quarterfinals will determine their potential opponents. The tournament continues to captivate fans with high-stakes matches and outstanding performances.

Spain’s victory over Germany in this tightly contested match exemplifies the excitement and drama of the UEFA Euro 2024, setting the stage for more thrilling encounters as the tournament progresses.


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