Who won Gervonta Davis vs Frank Martin?


Gervonta “Tank” Davis emerged victorious against Frank Martin in their highly anticipated bout on June 15, 2024, held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Davis retained his WBA Lightweight World Title with a decisive knockout in the eighth round, maintaining his unbeaten record and showcasing his dominance in the lightweight division​

Fight Breakdown and Analysis

Pre-fight Expectations

The fight generated significant buzz, with both fighters entering the ring undefeated and boasting impressive records. Gervonta Davis, known for his power and speed, came into the fight with a record of 29-0 with 27 knockouts, while Frank Martin, with a record of 18-0 and 12 knockouts, was seen as a formidable opponent due to his technical skills and resilience

Rounds 1-3: Early Exchanges

The opening rounds saw both fighters gauging each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Davis adopted a cautious approach, using his jab to keep Martin at bay and testing Martin’s defense. Martin responded with calculated aggression, trying to find openings in Davis’s guard. The exchanges were relatively even, with neither fighter landing any significant blows​

Rounds 4-6: Davis Takes Control

As the fight progressed, Davis began to assert his dominance. His superior hand speed and power became evident as he landed several clean shots on Martin. In the fifth round, Davis caught Martin with a powerful left hook that momentarily staggered him, signaling the beginning of Davis’s control over the fight. Martin tried to counterpunch and use his footwork to create angles, but Davis’s relentless pressure and precision began to wear him down​

Round 7: The Turning Point

The seventh round was pivotal as Davis intensified his attack. He landed a series of combinations that visibly hurt Martin, forcing him to backpedal and cover up. Davis’s body shots also started taking a toll on Martin, reducing his mobility and defensive capabilities. Martin’s attempts to clinch and recover were thwarted by Davis’s aggression and ring control

Round 8: The Knockout

In the eighth round, Davis delivered the decisive blow. He unleashed a devastating right uppercut followed by a left hook that sent Martin to the canvas. Despite Martin’s valiant efforts to continue, the referee stopped the fight, declaring Davis the winner by knockout. This victory not only cemented Davis’s status as a top lightweight contender but also highlighted his knockout power and tactical acumen in the ring​.

Post-fight Reactions and Implications

Gervonta Davis’s Performance

Davis’s performance was lauded by fans and analysts alike. His ability to adapt and overcome Martin’s style showcased his versatility and fight IQ. The knockout win added another highlight to his career, reinforcing his reputation as one of the most feared punchers in the division. Davis expressed his satisfaction with the victory, attributing his success to rigorous training and strategic planning​

Frank Martin’s Effort

Despite the loss, Frank Martin received praise for his courage and technique. He managed to compete effectively in the early rounds and showed resilience against one of the best in the sport. Martin acknowledged the superiority of Davis but vowed to come back stronger, focusing on improving his defensive strategies and conditioning for future bouts​

Future Prospects

For Davis, this victory opens up opportunities for high-profile fights, potentially against other champions in the lightweight and super lightweight divisions. Discussions about potential matchups with Devin Haney or a rematch with Ryan Garcia have already begun, promising exciting future prospects for fans.

Martin, on the other hand, will likely take some time to recover and reassess his approach. His performance, though resulting in a loss, demonstrated his potential to be a top contender in the lightweight division. With adjustments and continued growth, he remains a significant threat to other fighters in the category.


The Tank vs. Martin fight was a thrilling spectacle that lived up to its hype. Gervonta Davis’s eighth-round knockout victory not only underscored his prowess as a knockout artist but also set the stage for more exciting matchups in the future. Frank Martin’s display of skill and heart, despite the loss, ensures that he remains a respected and formidable competitor in the sport. This fight added another chapter to the rich history of memorable boxing bouts at the MGM Grand, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next encounters in the ring.


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